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MEWITHOUTYOU “Sleepover Shows” session videos

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MEWITHOUTYOU have unveiled 3 videos of the band performing acoustically for “Sleepover Shows” session. Watch the videos below.

Here’s the official word from “Sleepover Shows”:

The last time we met up with mewithoutYou, we walked over to a nice quiet park and filmed the band playing a few songs while sitting in the grass. A few people turned their heads to listen to what was going on, and it was an overall peaceful experience on a sunny afternoon in Boston. This time, it was completely different, though no less of a good time. For our second session, it was suggested that we meet up after the show and film Aaron with a bunch of fans singing along. That sounded like a good idea to us.

And so, on a rainy night in front of the Paradise near the witching hour, we met up with Weiss and about a hundred fans. All rapt in attention, singing along, aiding their voices to the front man’s own, which was weary from the road, they joined together to sing some songs from It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All a Dream! It’s Alright. It was a magical experience, the misty rain falling down as a choir formed to talk about the king beetle, hummingbirds, honeysuckle fields, and transformation by fire.

We hope you enjoy the results. For our own, we had to duck under the marquee to save the equipment from the rain, and even had a fan hold onto one of the microphones to make sure the excited crowd did not trample it. But all was well. After the session, after we thought that Aaron could give no more, he patiently stood around talking with each and every fan who wanted to come up for a photo, or to profess their thankfulness for his lyrics in dark times of their lives. We watched at Weiss listened to every single word, shook every hand, hugged each fan with sincere gratitude, sympathy or empathy, and lingered on to make sure he gave all he could to the crowd. It was one of the most incredible displays of genuine interest we’ve ever seen. It made the experience all the better.

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