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Mike Hranica on the next DEVIL WEARS PRADA album

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THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA singer Mike Hranica recently spoke to AOL‘s Noisecreep about the band’s plans to make a follow-up to 2011’s “Dead Throne“.

devil wears prada

Mike states:

Two weeks ago we all flew out here to Portland, Oregon and we started our writing process for the next album. Chris, our guitar player, lives out here so the rest of us came out and we rented a condo and have been diligently cranking out a lot of new tunes. It’s a really great region for us to hang out in because it’s a less stressful city, than, say, Chicago, but there’s still good food and all that good stuff and not too many distractions. I will say we’ve been getting an amazing amount of stuff done here. I can’t remember us ever being this productive and a lot of really good ideas are just flowing which is exactly what you want.

He also talked about the direction of the new material:

Chris is the one that usually comes up with the riffs and some of the things he’s got going right now are absolutely relentless. Since James left the band, I have to say right now I’m very excited about how the keyboards are sounding — very dark and very intense. Vocally, I learned a lot working on the last record and I can tell you that I’m going further down the road as far as the misery and sadness of the lyrics. This will be darker than “Dead Throne”, for sure.

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