MINOR THIEVES are looking for shows

MINOR THIEVES is a new band featuring 3 members of SPIRIT OF YOUTH and one ex-member of RISE AND FALL.

Check out their promo songs here:

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Minor Thieves brings energetic rock songs that explore combinations of hard rock, punk rock and pop.
Biography The four-piece band was formed in an abandoned radio studio in Ieper in the beginning of 2010. Lynne (vocals), Sim (bass), Vincent (guitar) and Merv (drums) form a quartet with a particular view on modern rock.

Breaking the limitations of earlier hardcore and punk rock bands, their tunes have become a powerful mix of hard rock and pop melodies.

The sheer love for music makes at least 3 of the 4 band members walking music encyclopedias, which adds to their songs richness.

After cooking up a set of 7 songs to play live, Minor Thieves recorded 3 promo tracks in November 2011. The result is a sparkling blend of loud guitars and memorable vocal melodies.

We are currently looking for shows, if you are interested please contact

Band members:
Lynne Maes (vocals)
Sim Meersseman (bass)
Vincent Theeten (guitar)
Vincent Merveille (drums)

Thanks to Some Will Never Know Zine

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