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MONO share new cinematic single “Silent Embrace” – “Heaven, Vol. I” EP coming up

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Ambient post rockers MONO have shared their new captovating, cinematic single “Silent Embrace” from their upcoming EP “Heaven, Vol. I“, out March 24th!

MONO have long drawn equal inspiration from the light and dark of life, spawning more than two decades of musical turbulence and melodic transcendence. Heaven Vol. 1 marks the beginning of a new annual tradition from MONO: A new EP released on Christmas Day each year, leaning into the light at precisely the time when we need it the most – surrounded by loved ones and hopeful for what the turn of the calendar may bring us.

Recorded by Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto at his home studio in Japan (with drums recorded by Amak Golden at Golden Hive Studio in Prague) – and mixed by Rafael Anton

Irisarri and Jeremy deVine at Black Knoll Studio in New York – Heaven Vol. 1 finds MONO at their most hopeful and cinematic. Of each of Heaven Vol. 1’s three tracks, MONO offers these words:

Lucia: “This song was written when our beloved longtime partner Jeremy (the owner of our American label Temporary Residence Ltd.) welcomed his second child. The song is constructed with two parts; the first part celebrates the birth of a new life and the second part heads towards dreams and hope. We wrote this song with the feeling of Santa Claus riding a sleigh through the snowstorm, smiling, jumping into the swirl of pure white light and carrying many dreams.”

MONO by Cedric Demolis & Ogino Design
MONO by Cedric Demolis & Ogino Design

Smile: “We drew upon the snowy scenery of Christmas that we experienced when we were young. Your exhaled breath is white. Your heart is dancing in the endless silvery white world, and when you are about to grab the snow with your hands and turn around, your parents look back at you with a smile. We wrote this song whilst remembering moments like this.”

Silent Embrace: “Time passed and we became adults. Life is like climbing and descending many steep mountains, but the reason we’re still able to continue walking is because of our loved ones, colleagues, friends and family who quietly stand by us and giving us courage and strength. We wanted to express our gratitude with this song.”

“glacial, metallic, all-consuming post-rock” – Stereogum „Stunning, eloquent, emotionally gut-busting“ – Pop Matters

“it’s the kind of album that’s best played start to finish (and best played loudly), and that can truly suck you in and transport you to another world if you do so.” – Brooklyn Vegan

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