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Moscow groovy metallic hardcore band DEATHGREED premiere debut song & video

Moscow nu metal infused metallic hardcore pack DEATHGREED have premiered their debut single & music video “Death Greed“, a promising teaser of their EP “King of the Void”, coming up in mid-December via major streaming services and Black Terror Distro. Influenced byacts like Knocked Loose, Code Orange, Harms Way, Kublai Khan, but also older offerings from the likes of Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit, the band reveals a harsh mixture of sinister hardcore and some groovy riffs that help find the new song’s way into your head.

“”Greed of Death” is about the gluttony of death.” – says the band. “Whatever person you are, death will come for you and take what it needs. The video for the song is about the suffering of a man, whose family was taken by death, but that’s not enough, and he gives his own life to death.”

The overall concept of the EP is “an ode to death literally and figuratively, when someone’s personality dies”, and it is also visualized throught the cover art (see below).

Explains the band: “It is the Hollow King on the cover art as we see him. His crown of candles will eventually burn out leaving only darkness and hollow. It is a photo made specially for us by artist Marina Kashtanova.


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