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MxPx’s Mike Herrera, Zebrahead’s Adrian Estrella and Ali Tabatabaee, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s Stacey Dee cover “Nothing In The Dark” by Mercy Music

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Ahead of Friday’s sold-out show at House of Blues Anaheim, MxPx, along with Zebrahead and Bad Cop/Bad Cop, collaborated to shine a spotlight on the emerging opening band on the bill, Mercy Music. Today, the artists released a music video for “Nothing in the Dark,” a song written and originally performed by Mercy Music. In the video, the song is performed acoustically by MxPx’s Mike Herrera, Zebrahead’s Adrian Estrella and Ali Tabatabaee, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s Stacey Dee. View the video above.

In the current climate of live music and shows, the MxPx camp found that opening acts tend to get less than their fair share of attention. As champions of the independent, punk lifestyle, MxPx sought to change how headliners support their openers, recruiting Zebrahead and Bad Cop/Bad Cop to perform a rendition of an original song written by Mercy Me. On this collaboration, Mike Herrera states:

“With how competitive this industry can be, we realize we’re lucky to be doing this after all this time, on our schedule, on our terms, and that most don’t get to that point. I don’t think an opening slot helps a younger band the way they used to. The world is changing and how we learn about music and consume music is changing so fast. So we convinced our friends to try something new with us to help a younger band. This one’s written by the opener of the shows we’re all playing together, we didn’t even tell them we were doing it!!! Stacey, Ali, and Adrian were stoked to get involved, and honestly to them I say, thank you for trying one of our crazy ideas!!! To you guys, I say thank you for listening, and go listen to Mercy Music!!!” – Mike Herrera

MxPx, Zebrahead, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Mercy Music are set to play a sold-out show at House of Blues Anaheim on Friday, April 1, 2022, followed by The Marquee Theatre in Phoenix on April 2, 2022. With rumors of a new album on the way, fans can expect more from MxPx this year. This is just the beginning of the next chapter. Visit for more information about MxPx and ticket sale information.

MXPX and Zebrahead

MxPx is a punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington that started in 1992, playing shows in backyards, local VFW halls, and bars they weren’t old enough to drink in. They went on to sell millions of records, tour the world, and become one of the forerunners of the pop-punk movement.

Now 30 years and running into a legendary career, MxPx has learned a thing or two from success and failure. Here’s the secret. Focus on the fans, love your fans, but never compromise your art. Oh, and it helps to actually like your bandmates.

In 2022, they still tour the world, just on their own schedule and completely on their own terms. They’ve been with major labels, they’ve been with independent labels, and they’ve done it on their own without labels. They’ve been the headlining band, they’ve been the opening band, they’ve played just about every major worldwide festival, and they’ve seen the world living a dream. They have an RIAA certified gold record (1998’s Slowly Going The Way of the Buffalo), they got the key to the City of Bremerton (for real, there are pictures to prove it), they were in a Super Bowl commercial, they own their own recording studio (Monkey Trench Studios), and that’s just the beginning of the list.

They’ve released ten full-length albums to date, and that’s alongside an even longer list of EPs, compilations, b-sides, and singles. “Let’s Ride,” released in 2018, has become one of the band’s most popular songs; a rare feat for a band this far into their career. It was later featured in Tony Hawk’s 2020 Pro Skater remaster which opened them up to an even wider worldwide audience.

MxPx was also one of the most active bands during the COVID pandemic, frequently playing live (not pre-recorded) shows on the internet, interacting with fans in real-time as they did it. “We wanted to be there when people needed us to be,” said Mike Herrera. MxPx plans to continue these shows even with the return of in-person concerts.

If the story stopped today, MxPx would be remembered as a band that inspired many. There are countless bands that thank them for helping them get a start or a leg up in this ruthless industry, and then even more fans who thank them for being the soundtrack to their lives. But that’s just up until now, it’s not over yet. They still got a voice and a lot to say. The next chapter is just beginning.

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