MXPX’s new album will be titled “Plans Within Plans”

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MXPX have revealed their new album’s name. The outing will be called “Plans Within Plans”.

Mike Herrera comments:

I struggled with this album title for a long time. I had been recording this album between tours and booking tours, studio sessions, and trying to live somewhat of a normal life. Life got in the way of that. Plans Within Plans was the only way i could describe all the mayhem that was going on behind the scenes of putting this collection of brand new songs together. I was and still am literally flying off the rails trying to juggle all the jobs that need doing to keep this ship afloat. I’m the captain going down with the ship.. but just maybe we’ll make to land before we all drown.

In other news, MXPX will be releasing their first official music documentary entitled Both Ends Burnin:

MXPX performing their song “Responsibility” live on Fearless Music in NYC:


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