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Nathan Gray of BOYSETSFIRE teams up with Tim McIlrath from RISE AGAINST for a new hearty tune “Rebel Songs”

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It’s no longer enough to just fight with yourself. On his third solo album, BOYSETSFIRE singer NATHAN GRAY sounds more political than he ever has since his band’s very first records while at the same time recognizing that no protest can bring change without the people behind it.

“Rebel Songs” transforms this realization into twelve tracks full of changeability that not only spread a spirit of optimism through their lyrical character, but also convey a sense of “we” stronger than ever through the involvement of numerous guests – most notably in the title track, which features TIM MCILRATH from RISE AGAINST.

Nathan Gray also weaves in other exciting collaborators on a record that repeatedly brings up what are for the singer unusually snappy influences from archetypal punk heroes like The Clash or heartland rock in the style of The Hold Steady while at the same time daring to conduct many new experiments quite apart from any cherished structures.


If you gotta believe in something, believe in us
As the world comes crashing down
Find a new song and rise up
Have you forgotten how three simple chords can ring true
In every worn out soul when they needed you

One heart, one voice
Backs against the wall with no choice, yeah
These rebel songs, united chords

Hold tight, come on get ready, this all we have
In basement revolutions we found ourselves again
Remember the passion, ’cause I’ll never forget The anthems that changed the life
Of this broken kid…

We got no time left to waste
We can’t sit around and play it safe
Music’s not a product you sell
It’s a reason to believe
It’s a movement to save yourself

Find the new song on our Punk Rock playlsit on Spotify:

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