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“Never Give Up” – mysterious rap duo interviewed

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Formed in late 80s / early 90s, YOUNG GIFTED Entertainment is an underground rap project from New Jersey that has been doing their thing for 25 years and they are still going strong. Strong, but so damn hidden that that hardly anyone knows more about this group. I’m here to change that and hint at their existence! It reminds me of the 90s, when rap was real good, defined the revolution and braught dope freshness and genuiness in volume! Want to feel something real instead of watch how much money and women modern mainstream rappers have? Play it loud and dive into my interview with YOUNG GIFTED now!


Hey there! Thanks a lot for reaching out and taking some time with me, L.O.V.E! What’s up? How are you?

Everything good just working hard to get this music to the next level.

I’ve interviewed a bunch of NJ artists, but none of them represented rap music. Shoot us a brief introduction to your local scene. How tight is your neighborhood when it comes to rap and hip hop?

Well I’m from the New Brunswick (gunzwick) Franklin (shanklin) area of NJ, exit 9 off the turnpike we call it the Devils nest. Where I’m from Hip hop is our culture our way of life..NAUGHTY BY NATURE said it best..”I live an die for hip hop.

Awesome. Are there any cool new local names worth checkin’ out?

There’s always up an coming talent to just name a few will be denying you the full benefit of hearing, seeing something new an original. We take pride in being exactly who we are no change up..

Ok, let’s dig deeper into the history of YOUNG GIFTED. You ain’t rookies, that ‘s for sure, huh? What’s the story of this crew and what was up with all that dance thing back in the late 80s?

YOUNG GIFTED has been on the scene since late 80s early 90s. YOUNG GIFTED is self explanatory young forever gifted for life. We started out as a hip hop dance group in high school an about time we graduated we were a hip hop rap group.

When did you first fall in love with rap music? Can you remember the tapes and artists you first fell into?

I been in love with hip hop since the early stages. My parents were young so they played all generas of music. Everything from the SUGAR HILL GANG to MOTOWN. I remember attending my 1st concert by myself and I instantly knew where I wanted to be. With that being said the kings of rock, RUN DMC was most definitely the first album, tape and artist I was into. Still I have been influenced and inspired by many others.

How many girls and boys are involved in this project? Why do you call it a “mega rap group”? Are you bigger that Wu-Tang? :)

Currently there are only 2 men involved with the YOUNG AND GIFTED Experience. Myself, L.O.V.E. {Lyrical Omen Vicious Everywhere} and my hitter from day one, Total Kaos. We call YOUNG GIFTED a mega group because had we followed thru and had a big engine of a record company to back us, we would still be iconic to this day. A lot of artist that is currently out now can say either they heard of us, saw us or remember us. We were before our time said by a lot of major record companies.
Nothing is bigger then WU TANG, for I am WU TANG. JAYZ, NAS, LIL WAYNE, just to name a few. WU TANG brought that higher consciousness back into Hip Hop. We are no longer just thugs, pimps, and gangsters. We are Kings, Queens, Gods and Goddesses. That movement alone is in every real artist DNA.


Considering all these years spent together as a crew, do you have the very same role on your newest joints?

Yes sir we do. I believe if the chemistry is working no need to change the formula. Total Kaos on the beats & L.o.v.e on lyrics.

Ok, so tell me about the latest projects YOUNG GIFTED has been working on. Do you peform live?

Our latest project has been a collaboration with a artist/producer from the Ukraine called Gregor boss hot stuff. Gunz off safety is the tittle track, it was released a few days ago an it’s already getting rotation on main stream an under ground radio stations. We also have new releases for this month an next month aswell. Follow us: @YoungGifted3000 or or

We haven’t had the pleasure nor the time to bless the stage this year.We have been swamped with studio and future projects, new music, ect..

However I can sum up our live show in a simple phrase “worth seeing again” better yet ” hip hop @ it’s purest form..

What was your best show ever?

I believe all our shows are epic but if I had to choose one it would be our 1st show ever for obvious reasons. If the energy wasn’t positive that night we probably wouldn’t be here today.We also did a promo show opening up for the rap group LOST BOYZ. We tore it down an the music wasn’t the only thing making me high.. lol good memories.

Going through your official bio, you get a sense of how important are the original foundations of hip hop and rap to you guys. Can you tell us more about what you believe are some of the most important things in making rap music?

It’s important to stay true to your craft , make music that you appreciate. Therefore there is no pressure to sound like or make a song like another artist. We recorded a song in 95 titled “stay true 2 your trade” the message was this don’t let the media an record company destroy what we the people have created. HIP HOP.


What elements of the old game are we missing in these cold digital era?

No disrespect to the digital era because this era is an amazing accomplishment by it self..However the elements of the old school game that’s missing now is the FOOT WORK..The MEET an GREET method. . Having a mean street team. Getting out to clubs, record co, festivals handing out bios, cd really targeting the people while promoting your body of work.

Are you more confident than when you first started in rap music?

Of course I Am. HIP HOP has taught me a lot over the years. Here is two lessons to remember#1 Never give up. You can always work hard to improve your talents singing, rapping or making beats..#2 Hip hop is timeless. Hip hop always was an will always be music from the soul. Therefore as long as your breathing the culture of music lives in you..

What’s your view on cooperating with labels in underground rap? What’s your experience in this field? Do they help or rather hinder artists?

Record Companies usually don’t want to hear hard core underground if it can’t reach sounds scans or generate a lot of money for them. It’s all about there bottom line. Most labels want a guaranteed hit record. That’s why the mix tape seen is on fire now. Artists an labels can’t reaching a common balance. I think record companies can possibly do both, help and hinder you. It all depends on what the artist wants out the deal. If you’re in it for the money, it can possibly help you. If you’re in it for the love of music, it will hinder you.

Ok, so what do you think is next for the next era of New York and New Jersey rap culture? Any predictions what the next years will bring? Are you optimistic? What I think is the next for the new era of “NY & NJ”

It’s back in full demand, that ruff,rugged & raw, underground sound. As for the whole tri-state area, YOUNG GIFTED plans to fill that void. It our time to shine. We are more than confident that we are totally prepared to take this opportunity and hold it down until our Casket Drops 6 feet deep.

What can people expect from YOUNG GIFTED moving forward?

The world can expect from us to continue to produce timeless music. We will be bringing you true hip hop in it’s purest form. A whole new style and sound all together. We have a few big projects coming up very soon. With that being said, only time can answer that. Continue following us for more updates. Just know, we still cater to our golden age of hip hop fans, as well as our hardcore/underground fans.

Ok man. Since IDIOTEQ is a hardcore punk zine, I really need to know :) Have you ever been into heavier music? What’s your view on NJHC, NYHC and the genre in general? What is your honest opinion?

Yes we have!!

I don’t think there’s a genre of music that we don’t like . I believe in really hardcore sounds. I’m not only a student but I’m also a fan.

No shit! Any bands you’d like to mention here? Do you go to punk shows?

Hardcore bands I like: (7 ANGELS 7 PLAGUES, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, BURY YOUR DEAD, R.A.M.B.O) just to name a few.

Have I every been to a punk show? Yes…… Local bands (NJ BLOODLINE, LIFETIME, ENSIGN)

Awesome! ENSIGN are readying their new album and all the bands you listed are definitely worth a check for all the rookies reading this interview ;)

And how about other local rap scenes? Have you traveled a lot? What was the hip-hop scene like in those other areas?

YOUNG GIFTED has traveled up and down the East Coast. For instance, Maine ,Rhode Island ,South Carolina North Carolina West Virginia Atlanta and Florida just to name a few. What I’ve learned in my journey is that, music is a universal language. No matter where you go, music is always the common factor.

Would you recommend New Jersey to other rap musicians based in other places? What would be the biggest pros?

That’s a no brainer.

Yes I would recommend NJ to musicians and other hip hop artist. Although, New Jersey isn’t epic center of music but, we are sandwiched between two places of major music influences, New York and Philadelphia. New Jersey has always stayed true to it’s roots, that hardcore underground sound.

The biggest pros would be, if you lived in New Jersey, it’s easy access into New York so you’re able to pursue your dream in the music industry. That being said, New Jersey will always be the best place be….

Thanks man! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Feel free to add anything you like. Cheers from the distant European lands. Keep it up!

Your welcome, anytime….
Thank you for taking the time out in your busy schedule to grant me this interview. I appreciate you and hope that you continue to have much success.

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