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New compilation benefiting Amityville Music Hall out today; feat. CRIME IN STEREO, IRON CHIC, and more!

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After an outpouring of support from the local music scene, Long Island Emo teams up with Amityville Music Hall for the release of The AMH Comp: Volume Two, following the release of Volume One earlier this year. Available exclusively on Bandcamp, 100% of the proceeds from the release will go towards the Long Island venue and their staff, who have for years created a strong sense of community for music fans and local and touring acts alike. Although New York and other states across the country have allowed performance venues to reopen, for many places like Amityville Music Hall it’s not feasible to open at 33% capacity, which would equate to just 25 people.

Featuring 34 songs from both Long Island staples and emerging artists, the compilation spans new originals, covers, and stripped-down versions, expansive of every genre from punk and hardcore to indie rock and singer-songwriters. One of the highlights comes from melodic hardcore act Crime In Stereo, who open the compilation with “The Good Empire,” marking the band’s first new music since their 2010 album, I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone. Additional contributions come from acts like Iron Chic, Moon Tooth, Macseal, Twentythreenineteen, Blame God, and Victory Garden. The AMH Comp: Volume Two is available now for a $15 donation on Bandcamp. To coincide with the release, an exclusive print is also now available for purchase here with funds benefiting the venue.

1. Crime In Stereo – The Good Empire
2. Twentythreenineteen – Expo 86 (Death Cab for Cutie)
3. Eithermore – Dead! (My Chemical Romance)
4. Iron Chic – The Old Man of Crete
5. Victory Garden – Pal
6. Paper Boats – Beauty of Breathing (Jeff Rosenstock)
7. Jab – Six Pack (Black Flag)
8. Bore – Unmarked, Unnoticed
9. Innerlove – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay)
10. Bitters and Distractions – Constant Now
11. AKA MANA – Untitled
12. Card Reader – Familiar Voices (Acoustic)
13. Dapper Ghost – Swimming
14. Grampfather – Murder Hornets
15. Crash the Calm – Devils
16. Heal. – Void Dream
17. Karma Versa – Red Heels
18. Lost and Adrift – Foundation
19. Moon Tooth – Magic Fingers (Frank Zappa)
20. Sweet Hollow – Durst
21. Matt Stoll – Bring it Home
22. November Kills – Out of Time
23. Total Loser – 7 Weeks In
24. OLBY – Soundbites (Leatherface)
25. Skemata – Never or Now
26. No Honey – Demi Loo
27. Blame God – Who Do You Know (Left For Dead)
28. The Wolery – Montauk (The End of the World)
29. Star Funeral – Half Whole Half Empty (Acoustic)
30. Leave This Place – Cartographer’s Pain
31. Off Guard – Sincere
32. Ricky Fisher – Waterfall
33. Dorks. – Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire)
34. Macseal – These Things Happen (Live at Two Worlds Studio)

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