POISON IDEA by Janice Morlan
POISON IDEA by Janice Morlan
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New LP from POISON IDEA coming up this May on American Leather Records!

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In continuation with documenting Poison Idea’s live-shows, American Leather Records is happy to present ‘Young Lords’, one of the earliest known recordings of now legendary band.

The new LP from Poison Idea titled “Young Lords” is a collection of recordings that were made on May 5, 1982 at The Metropolis Club. The LP has been mixed and mastered from the original multi-track source, giving it a fresh and authentic sound.

The deluxe ‘Pignote’ layout includes a 12-page booklet with previously unpublished photos and flyers, adding a visual element to the music.

The album will be released on May 1st through American Leather Records, and can be ordered via Bandcamp and BigCartel. Currently, the record is exclusively available at Sorry State Records in North Carolina and Portland’s 2nd Ave Records. Fans of Poison Idea can look forward to experiencing the band’s raw and powerful punk rock sound through this new LP release.

POISON IDEA by Janice Morlan
POISON IDEA by Janice Morlan

“1982. We played for about a year and a half. We booked shows ourselves playing small gigs, open mics, house parties.” – explains Jerry A. Lang giving a brief look in the past. The lineup of ‘Darby Crash Rides Again’ was about to perform their first big show. “This was the first club show we’d played. We booked the shows ourselves. We got The Fartz from Seattle to come down and headline it. It was basically the beginning of our career. We were all 18 years old. Except Tom. All fast, short punk-rock songs. We sang about what 18-year-old kids sing about.”

POISON IDEA by Janice Morlan
POISON IDEA by Janice Morlan

A combining his lyrical influences of Darby Crash and Bukowski, Jerry A. created uncompromising substance singing about everything from police brutality to Ronald Raegan and skateboarding.

“We did a couple covers. JFA song. And State of Alert, Henry Rollins’ first band. We played songs of the bands we enjoyed. So we’d do Black Flag, Circle Jerks…” – he recalls: “It was our first show into the business. Before that, we were just the garage band. After that, we didn’t stop and just kept playing.”

Poison Idea new album

Lineup: Jerry A. – vocals, Tom ‘Pig Champion’ Roberts – guitars, Dean Johnson – drums, Glen Estes – bass


1. Bounce The Rubble
2. All Right
3. Give It Up
4. Think Twice
5. Theme
6. Beach Blanket Bong-out (JFA)
7. (I Hate) Reggae
8. Empty Gun
9. Come Out Fighting
10. Dance Of Rage
11. Spy
12. Young Lord
13. M.I.A.
14. Broken Up
15. Underage
16. Public Defender (SOA)
17. New Right
18. M-80
19. Castration
20. In My Headache

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