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SIEKIERA’s “Jarocin ’84” gets a new vinyl treatment on Warsaw Pact Records

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Warsaw Pact Records has announced the release of the fourth edition of SIEKIERA‘s “Jarocin ’84” LP. This time, the record will be pressed on red vinyl and will be available in June. The album features historic concert recordings of SIEKIERA, one of the most legendary bands of the Polish music scene in the 80s. The recordings were made during their performances at the Jarocin festival in 1984, including both the contest and final shows.

After only five months since their debut concert, SIEKIERA had the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience at the festival. Their music, characterized by an aggressive hardcore punk style and local eastern European spirit, quickly became a sensation. Despite being often misinterpreted, their unique formula, aesthetic, and uncompromising sound and lyrics fascinated and terrified audiences alike.

SIEKIERA was able to create something incredibly distinct and unique, bringing their own regional spirit to the aggressive hardcore punk formula developed by bands like Discharge and the “Bristol sound” groups like Disorder or Chaos UK, as well as Scandinavian bands popular in Poland, like Headcleaners. Their lyrics were often characterized by a bloody massacre, a familiar and authentic feeling, with permanent conflict between everything and everyone, and most importantly, a permanent conflict with nature and the absurdity of creation.

Despite being recorded over 35 years ago, the recordings still make a colossal impression on listeners.

The “Jarocin ’84” LP is the second vinyl release of the festival’s punk series by Warsaw Pact Records in collaboration with Archiwum Trasa W-Z. The album will be released in a gatefold cover, inner sleeve, and a 24-page booklet with commentary by Tomasz Adamski, an article by Robert Jarosz, festival photographs (including Sobociński, Makowski, Wasążnik, Waszewski), press archives, lyrics submitted to censorship by the band, and translations of texts and articles by Tomek “Mayonnaise” Wiśniewski and Bartosz Głowacki. The album has been mastered by Smok and Mario at Studio As One.

This release is an important piece of Polish music history, which not only shook the foundations of the local punk scene, but also the entire musical culture of the People’s Republic of Poland. Fans of SIEKIERA and punk music enthusiasts should not miss the chance to get their hands on this unique record.

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