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New Mexico punk act STABBED IN BACK announce their debut album

Heavy and melodic with a touch of hard rock swagger, the new STABBED IN BACK release features twenty-four minutes of fist pumping punk rock anthems that are as aggressive as they are soulful. But don’t take our word for it, stream the album’s title track and digital pre-orders are available through the player below.

The band comented:

So, the cats out of the bag! The SIB full length is being released digitally via Dying Scene records. Originally this fine piece of work was to come out on P+P but when the band lost some of it’s members, we didn’t think it was fair for the label to dump money into a band if there wasn’t a band to tour and Promote. Dying scene emailed weekly for over year asking to release the songs and in the end, we decided there was too much hard work and money put into creating this album NOT to let it fall by the waste side. So pick up a copy and enjoy!

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