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AT FOLSOM PRISON streaming their new album “Every Dream and Every Crisis Means the Rise”

Released in December 2014, “Every Dream and Every Crisis Means the Rise” by AT FOLSOM PRISON is a solid record with good intentions. There are some clean vocals and more rockish approach in a couple of tracks to soften the musical input, but the record still has a truly raging temper. You owe it to yourself to give these guys a chance. Here’s your chance.

Here’s the official bio:

At Folsom Prison history began in 2007 when the group of guys starts with idea having a band. Three years later, after many personal changes, band line-up finally settled on Standa (vocal), Filip (guitar), Stanley (drums) and Michal (bass) and it was the right time for recording first album. In September 2010 band released eponym EP. Debut album roots grows from heavy metal riffs, screaming vocals and mid tempo drum rhytms. But it is also a symbol of one chapter. With new experiences band decided to move on and start discovering own music way. That moment closed first At Folsom Prison episode. New journey begins in the footsteps of the music icons Deftones and Poison the Well. In February 2013 band released second EP named From Nails to Velvet. Both albums were recorded by Jiří Klokočka from Kangaroo Recording and released at own expense.

After month of touring around the Czech Republic, AFP decides to make its first full lenght album and starts working on the new material. In the end of January 2014 everything is prepared and the band enters Golden Digital Studio. The whole music is recorded 24-26 January 2014 with special help of producers Amák, Pavel Veselý and Ivo Plaček. After that band takes a half year break (one member left studying abroad) and spent hundreds of hours on final album mastering. New album „Every Dream and Every Crisis Means the Rise“ was self-released in 11. December 2014.

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