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New mini album by Finnish band THROAT coming up!

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Of the comparison Jukka Mattila (vocalist and guitarist for THROAT) says “AmRep gets mentioned a lot in our case, but equally important influences for us would be labels like Trance Syndicate, early Sub Pop and Blast First. There’s always been a great punk/hardcore scene in Finland and in the 90s to early millennium the indie rock scene was filled with noisy bands that, had the circumstances been ideal, could’ve been up there with the AmRep greats.” Whatever the case, THROAT is just here to Rock & Roll! Serving up driving riffs galore while sometimes traipsing into big melodies (such as on “Dog Wrestle Dog”) and even betraying some “big 4” style thrash-metal influence (as on “Houston Soup”).

Punishing eardrums since 2009, THROAT was formed in Turku, Finland. The line-up since their formation includes Mattila as well as Aleksis Juhakoski (guitar & vocals), Tomi Lahtinen (bass) andJani Laakko (drums). Besides the forthcoming Short Circuit EP, Throat has more than 8 previous releases to their name, including splits with bands such as Fleshpress, Black Sun and Hebosagil.

Though they have not invaded the U.S. up to this point, Throat has already toured through the U.K. and will hit France this summer. They have shared stages with the likes of Unsane, Big Business, Church of Misery, Brant Bjork and Brainbombs.

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