NIČITEL’s evolution beyond post metal in a unique collaboration with classical composer Patrik Korinok

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Nearly one year and a half after their enthralling narrative of women’s struggles in modern society, expressed through the profound storytelling of their album ‘Anna’, the Slovak dark post-metal trio, Ničitel, return to our pages, wielding a new creative offering. This time, it is a split 7″ EP, created in collaboration with the contemporary classical music maestro Patrik Korinok.

Casting our minds back to early 2022, we recall the evocative and somewhat unsettling nature of Ničitel’s album ‘Anna‘. This project was a testament to the band’s willingness to broach subjects often shrouded in silence, blending raw, emotion-fueled songwriting with a firm commitment to societal introspection. “Musically and lyrically, they reveal the painful downs of what a woman goes through in today’s society,” Tomas from Ničitel had told us, reminding us of the quintessential role of music as a tool for spotlighting societal issues.

Moving forward to today, Ničitel showcases its adaptability and collaborative spirit in the new split 7″ EP with Patrik Korinok. The idea, born during the composition of ‘Anna’, pays homage to their mutual artistic relationship and an appreciation for Patrik’s work, who has often contributed to Ničitel’s previous endeavours.

The EP presents a harmonious juxtaposition of Ničitel’s crusty post-metal sound and Korinok’s contemporary classical approach. It comprises a novel rendition of Ničitel’s track ‘Anna spí’, interpreted through Korinok’s musical prism, alongside Ničitel’s take on Patrik’s piece ‘Silene Latifolia’ from his debut EP ‘Silene Stenophylla’.


This musical dialogue paints a portrait of two artists, vastly different yet strangely harmonious, drawing upon each other’s works to craft a distinct auditory experience.

To commemorate the EP’s release, the band also shared a video for their darkened rendition of ‘Silene Latifolia‘ (watch above), which provides an alluringly eerie visual representation of this unique fusion of musical styles. The video underscores the band’s ability to infuse their dark, experimental touch into the soundscape of their collaborators.

What sets this release further apart is its format – a digital release available for a voluntary contribution and a special 7″ lathe cut edition, limited to 30 pieces. Each copy, graced with unique watercolor artwork, presents a tangible piece of this fruitful collaboration, reinforcing the ephemeral nature of music as a form of art.

“There is probably no need to comment a lot on the songs themselves. I think they all speak strong enough for themselves.” A phrase uttered by Tomas back in 2022 rings particularly true now.

Ničitel and Patrik Korinok‘s work together on this split 7″ EP reveals an evolution in their sounds, a bold foray into new territories while staying true to their roots, solidifying their prowess to captivate their audience with a deeply resonant, yet ever-evolving narrative.


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