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NOISEAR interviewed by Decibel Magazine

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Decibel Magazine recently conducted an interview with NOISEAR.

What else could New Mexico nerve-shredders Noisear have named their forthcoming album? Turbulent Resurgence kinda sums everything up nicely; in the year since the release of the near free-jazz grind lunacy of Subvert the Dominant Paradigm, the band have shed some serious personnel and had to regroup and re-focus. But despite the changing of the guard, core writing duo of guitarist/vocalist Dorian Rainwater and drummer Bryan Fajardo were still at the wheelroom, rolling up and tossing riffs and blasts together for the greater good.

Turbulent Resurgence is Noisear‘s debut LP for Willowtip and comes booby-trapped with 40-second salvos of turbo-grind. And as Dorian Rainwater told the Deciblog, while they may have reined in some of the chaos, Noisear are still keeping the dial jacked up high against the red…

Go here to read the interview.


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