NOMINON post an update on their new album “The Cleansing”

Old school death metallers NOMINON have posted an update regarding the recording process of their upcoming fifth studio album “The Cleansing”, which is said to be released with in the next couple of months.

They write:

The recording of the new Nominon album is certainly moving on after a bit chaotic change of studio in the very last minute (due to some incompetent losers at the studio we had booked to start with), so with a very short notice we could start the recordings with engineer Robert Ericsson at Studio Hell, a small studio located here in Jönköping, Sweden.

We actually used that studio for the latest 7″ EP ‘Manifestation Of Black,’ and since then the studio itself has been upgraded, that somehow was necessary before we felt that we could use it for a proper album recording.

So far all drums are done, most of the guitar parts, as well as some bass and vocals. This weekend vokillist Henke Skoog will continue recording the remaining vocal parts. It all sounds extreme to the core, very morbid and filthy, yet variated death metal as usual when talking about Nominon.

The plan is to have everything recorded by May 22nd because on the 24th Mr. Javi Bastard (of The ‘true’ Graveyard) will start to mix and then master the album at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, Spain together with Nominon drummer Perra Karlsson.

We can also reveal that this new (fifth) Nominon album will be entitled ‘The Cleansing,’ it’s a title that certainly fits the material on this coming underground monster. Songs that will appear on the album includes ‘Infernal Rites,’ ‘Abhorrent Parasites,’ ‘Son Of Doom,’ ‘In The Name Of Gomorrah,’ ‘Unholy Sacrifice,’ ‘Mausoleum,’ ‘Slaughter The Imposter’ among others.

The cover artwork will be taken care of by Juanjo Castellano, so expect nothing but ominous and grim darkness.

Deathgasm Records will be held responsible for the LP/CD release in just a couple of months, we will get back to you asap with further details around specific release dates and so on.


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