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NORMA JEAN promote new album with new live video for “Safety Last”

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NORMA JEAN have revealed an official music video for their latest video, “Safety Last”. The track is taken from their new album “ALL HAIL“, available now via Solid State Records. Watch above and see their current live dates at this location.

Why Norma Jean is seldom given equal recognition as their peers (Fit For a King, Silent Planet, The Devil Wears Prada) is beyond me. All Hail is a milestone in heavy music in 2019 and should be looked up to as such. Not many bands can step up to the plate time and time again to deliver album after album of fresh sounding heavy music like Norma Jean has and continues to do. All hail the Almighty Norma Jean / Sputnikmusic

All Hail is a fantastic addition to Norma Jean‘s legacy. It signals a desire to get back to basics while sounding bigger and better than ever, without precluding future forays into greater songwriting complexity. While the songs largely feature streamlined arrangements, ideas and motifs are utilized playfully and with care. The hooks are catchy, and employed effectively. The breakdowns don’t waste power on fanciful embellishments. The experience is easy to process, while remaining muscular and atmospheric. It will draw you in, punch you in the face, shake some sense into you, and haunt you for a few days after. For any band, let alone one marked by so much behind the scenes turbulence, there are few greater achievements. / Everything Is Noise

All Hail is just as earth-shattering as ever. “Trace Levels of Dystopia” sounds like a warrior’s cry in a crumbling world; “If [Loss] Than [Leader]” features moments of basement-like experimentation, as well as rare sequences of melody building to an overflow of riotous emotion, and interludes/exits like “Extra Dimensional Palate Cleanser” and “The Mirror and the Second Veil” actually support and strengthen the atmosphere rather than diminish it. / New Noise

All Hail is a fantastic record for Norma Jean fans, but it’s just too similar (no pun intended) to their last album to really stand out. They manage to bring in a little bit of everything in their repertoire, but the record doesn’t make a statement as well as previous releases did, and feels like a release for dedicated fans, as opposed to drawing in new listeners. /

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