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Nu Metal act SILLY GOOSE drops ‘Rap Rock Jesus’, following unexpected performance at… Waffle House

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Following an unexpected yet wildly captivating performance at a Waffle House, the nu-metal band Silly Goose has released their eagerly anticipated new single, “Rap Rock Jesus“. This Atlanta-based band continues to captivate audiences with their creative and unconventional promotional tactics.

Silly Goose has been making a splash this year with a series of impromptu performances at unexpected venues, ranging from a Subway restaurant to the most recent Waffle House gig. Their unusual promotional style is generating quite the buzz among fans and the music industry alike.

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Their latest single, “Rap Rock Jesus”, premiered this morning and has already been met with much enthusiasm. While the song’s title may suggest a biblical campfire sing-along, rest assured, it is a hardcore nu-metal track that showcases the band’s signature blend of aggressive riffs, catchy melodies, and some serious, furious Limp Bizkit vibes.

The band’s performance at the Waffle House, where they delivered an electrifying performance of “Show Up At Your House”, was surprisingly tame compared to the raucous reputation of the 24/7 diner chain. Instead of mosh pits and slam dances, the performance featured a charismatic lead vocalist climbing tables and an audience of intrigued onlookers.

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Fans of Silly Goose seem to love these unconventional performances, with social media filled with comments applauding the band’s audacity and creativity.

Today’s premiere follows Silly Goose’s performance at the Welcome To Rockville festival on May 18th, sharing the line-up with heavyweights such as Slipknot, Rob Zombie, The Cult, Puscifer, Trivium, and Converge.


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As they continue to break boundaries with their innovative approach to promotions, Silly Goose has proven that they’re not just about gimmicks. Here on IDIOTEQ we’re betting they’re serious musicians dedicated to their craft.

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