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ODC – “Jeszcze wszystko przed wami” exclusive album stream!

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Szczecin, Poland’s ODC were such nice guys that they decided to give away their brand new album “Jeszcze wszystko przed wami” (“Everything’s still ahead of you”) for streaming! It’s available in its entirety exclusively below! These melodic punk rockers formed back in 2005, stabilized their line-up in 2009 and put out one full length album (“One Dead City”, 2010) and self-titled EP two years ago. Now they’re back with this sweet new release full of great tunes about girls, alcohol and tough life ;) 

The band had their release party on last Friday, March 1st, 2013 at Loft’Art in their hometown of Szczecin. Go here to see some photos shot during that gig.

Launch the player below and scroll down to check out their mini check-in for IDIOTEQ! Party!

Hi, my name is Arek and I play bass in Polish punk rock band ODC. We’ve just released our second album called “Jeszcze wszystko przed wami”. It’s our first LP to be released by Lou & Rocked boys label, and our most musically mature album to date. It was recorded partially in Studio Analiz, and in our guitarist Waldek (who also took the burden of all of the mixing and mastering) bedroom, and the cover is drawn by very talented Michał Rydlichowski (check him out at this location).
We’ve just played crazy awesome show in our home city – Szczecin, and in the upcoming months we are planning to play as much as we can, all over Poland (and maybe Europe? time will tell). The next shows are in Złotów, Poznań and Szczecin with CF98.
We hope you’ll enjoy this album, and see you in the pit! :)

ODC new album


ODC live

ODC cover

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