OLD GRAY – “Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To” [EP] (2012)

OLD GRAY – “Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To” [EP] (2012)

Breathe in; breathe out. Take a moment to settle yourself, then forget all that noise. We have 4 emotional, loud, make-you-think tunes from OLD GRAY (It’s A Trap Records). Their newest 7″ is a thoughtfully brazen and aggressively youthful foray into what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost it all, even if you’re only 23. Some of that might already make you rethink jamming this, but stop. Old Gray make it all seem interesting and so cathartic that you’ll probably fire your overpriced therapist and hire these band dudes – Blake Solomon (

1. 359 Pine 01:42
2. Resonance 03:56
3. Winter ’11 02:22
4. Six Years 03:49


Here’s more about the release:

While it’s certainly open to interpretation, for us, this album is about moving on, in more ways than one. We’re moving on from past problems, from past regrets, from past memories. We’re moving on from our old sound, from midwestern emo, from high school. We hope these songs make you feel as cathartic listening to them as they made us feel when we wrote them.

If you are interested in our explanations behind each song, simply click on the individual track titles- we explained the thought process behind the majority of the lyrics.
released 11 November 2012
Produced by Zak Ickes and Cameron Boucher
Mastered by Michael Butterly

Cameron Boucher performs vocals on tracks two and three, guitar on tracks one and two, bass on tracks three and four, and piano on track one.

Raphael Bastek performs vocals on tracks three and four, guitar on tracks three and four, and bass on tracks one and two.

Charlie singer performs vocals on tracks one, two and three and drums on all tracks.

Casey Nealon performs vocals on track four.

Thank you to Andrew Mcshan, Ashley Wood and Jesse Warner for being our friends and for supporting us as a band and releasing this on a 7″ with their respective labels.

Additional thanks to Casey Nealon and Spencer Benson for allowing us to borrow their gear and for being great friends. Thank you to Zak Ickes for recording us once again and for remaining patient through all of our hijinks. Thank you to Michael Butterly for mastering this release. Finally, thank you to our families and to everyone who ever supported us by coming to a show, purchasing merchandise, or by simply saying hello.

The sound clip at the beginning of “Six Years” is from the pilot episode of Freaks and Geeks. Freaks and Geeks is Copyright © Dreamworks Television. All Rights Reserved.

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