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Orbel announces “Reworks”, a collection of reinterpretations of “Lur Hezea” by eight artists ranging from noise to dance

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French act ORBEL has announced “Reworks”, a collection of reworked versions from Orbel’s second album “Lur Hezea” (released November 4th 2022 on Usopop Diskak and Medication Time Records). It will feature eight collaborations with artists ranging from noise to dance (worriedaboutsatan, Drowse, Mondkopf, Almeeva, Lucian Moreau, El_Txef_A, Tom Beaudouin and Lumi), teased through a mysterious teaser above.

Reworks” is a deconstruction of obscure melodies, transgressive sounds and ethereal voices, creating a body of work as introspective and versatile as the original “Lur Hezea“. Textures and tempos may vary, but the substance is still the same: a wave of sparks through thick black smoke…

The production is once again excellent thanks to every artist’s work and it has been sublimated by Thibault Chaumont’s master (Carpenter Brut, Birds In Row, Ulver).”

“Reworks” will be released digitally on all platforms on May 12, 2023.

Orbel’s latest album, Lur Hezea, showcases a shift away from their post-rock roots and towards a nuanced sound that balances tribal rhythms and funeral introspections. The haunting vocals on the eight new tracks sometimes conjure up ancient rituals and add clarity to the dusky landscapes depicted in the music. The production blends traditional instruments with modern machines to create a multi-faceted effort that strikes a careful balance in the midst of the human noise.


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