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“Painless” – KEN MODE returns with new single

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Six months after the release of their acclaimed album “NULL“, Canadian noise-makers KEN mode have dropped new single “Painless“, out today on all streaming platforms.

The band’s latest record, “NULL,” which was released in September 2022, was a culmination of their descent into mental collapse and despair.

It was a direct response to the collective experience of the past two and a half years, and may be the group’s quintessential statement on the subject. Drawing inspiration from the desperate noise and industrial sonics of the 80s and 90s, such as Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Nine Inch Nails, the band incorporated an even more desperate tone to their already metallic hardcore influenced “extreme noise rock” sound (think Melvins, Today Is The Day meets Converge and Botch), which has become their signature style.

KEN MODE new single

KEN Mode is: Guitar/Vocals: Jesse Matthewson, Drums: Shane Matthewson, Bass: Scott Hamilton, Saxophone: Kathryn Kerr

Painless” Lyrics:

This time I’ll plead, I’m desperate. Help; this cannot continue this way. I will not help pull you from this misery. This is not a guilt trip; I’m just losing my grip. You are on your own. All senses, a ghost – forgotten pieces, with a forced lapse. Unwelcome reflection, every time that I go back to this lost space where that scared boy once hoped to be someone stronger. An apprehension unprovoked. You are all alone. Most wish that you were never here.

Catch the band live on their tour with Frail Body, kicking off tonight in Vancouver!

KEN mode on tour

Also, Ken Mode has announced their returning to Roadburn Festival in 2023. Check out the details of this amazing gathering here.

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