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Perú metallized punk’n’rollers RADIO GARAGE share best music and TV shows this year

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“いただきます!”, the latest record from Lima, Perú based RADIO GARAGE is a collection of 8 songs that travel vertiginously between the slippery and dangerous paths of rock. From the loose rock n’ roll of “Todo es incierto” and “Atraviesa”, heavy sounding and lyrics of “El Fuego” and “Sucio matón”, the sludge attack of “Octopodo”, epic hard rock of “Resurrection”, the near NWOBH revival of “El pacto” and a stoner reversion of a song by eighties PPeruvian hardcore band Dictadura de Consciencia called “Masas”, the band travels their own paths among local heavy rock, metal and punk. Celebratin their first new record in 9 years and the end of this turbulent year, the band checks in with their special commentary and their picks of best records, TV shows, and movies of the year.

Looking back at 2020, the band comments: “The year started with everyone ready to finish the record (it was recorded and then halved for a few years) and keep writing new songs for the next, so the pandemic cut everything about that for us, we planned for the usual, release the record, play shows and move forward, but everything stopped for months and we could only focus on when to release the record. Here in Perú it hit us specially hard, everything shut down, nobody left their houses for months, there was a curfew all day, and since there’s not much of a music industry in the independent scene, both local underground bars (Drone and Hensley) where we regularly played struggled to survive, bands like us did what we could only do: focus on being with our families and work at home, among other personal stuff wich complicated matters even more, but we’re used to it, we been playing for 15 years now and have been trough a lot, what’s a world pandemic going to do us?”

“Who doesn’t love lists! I have the four of us do a little of what was best this year. Enjoy!”

Kaminoisee (Vocals/Guitar):

Oneohtrix Point Never – Magic

Wonderful synth dystopia where all organic life is just a distance memory, and the 80s are regarded as the heyday of the humanity

Mr Bungle – The Raging Wrath of the easter bunny demo

An 80’s thrash teen wet dream. These psycho’s are one of my favourite, and they’ve come with one more unexpected move: become and ortodox thrash metal band. But like all the albums before, even ortodox is a little bit weird. All good fun for me.

Black Curse – Endless Wound

A real curse with the magic hands of Arthur Rizk on the controls. The portal must be opened with the blood of our people. And one hell of a party is at the other end: Really obscure, obtuse and dissonant black / death metal.

Bojack horsemen / Netlfix show

A talking horse, what else do you need? a smooth talking horse, of course. Great and dark humour, with animations. All kind of talking animals.

Yes my love

A peruvian comedy and im a sucker for stupid romantic comedy. There have to be some balance in life

Here’s Fernado (Bass):

Lion’s Law: the paint, the blood, and the sword

Classic and tough Oi! straight out of football stadium chants.

Igorrr: spirituality and distortion

I recently discovered this, it blew me away how it mixes sounds, moment of deep calm wich resemble dark opera and then it explodes with brutal riffs.

AC/DC: Power up

What to say about them, the best band of the world! classic rn’r, great riffs and melodies, check “Through the mists of time” to see what i’m saying.

Here’s me, Ricardo (Vocals/ Guitar)

C.O.F.F.I.N. – Children of Finland Fighting in Norway

Sweden may have perfected kick ass rock, but Australia have its own wild Rn’R pedigree. Uncompromising and loose, awesome record.

Midnight – Rebirth by blasfemy

An easy one, Athenar knows we all have a little devil inside craving for venomized riffs and lascivious lyrics. Inmature and so much fun.

La Ira de Dios – 5 segundos

They were the ones who started the whole stoner scene here and they no longer exist, but they have been releasing some unpublished songs. one of Peru’s finest bands, they went from psychedelic rock to MC5 charged infused records to new wave sounds without missing its personality.

Pödrido – Pánico

Got to say i don’t listen to newer hardcore or punk bands anymore but this guys contacted me for some artwork and i really liked their bare bones assault of hardcore. They were going to play in Mexico’s Punkytud festival but the pandemic cut that too.

Laura Jane Grace – Stay Alive

Still digesting this one, but anything that comes from her it’s gold for me, it has an openness wich i cherish a lot.


I have a 3 year old son, who has the time for that??? haha, still, i have been watching mainstream stuff like The Mandalorian or Star Trek: Voyager, sooooo awesome both shows, full escapism and very vanilla. And reading comics, I love comics, mainstream, indie, whatever. X-men are my long lasting love so House of X/Powers of X haven been the highlight of the year. That and Image’s The Department of truth, so relevant for this time.

Anything else relevant? I can’t even remember, but i think i have listened to A LOT of music this year, and being inspired by many musicians doing it at home, creating, not being defeated by this stuff. And memes, memes man, memes are one of the best things that we have every year, can’t remember a current one, but it brightens my day to see so much absurdity in the internet, makes me feel we have hope for the future. Or not.


SOD with Mike Patton en la voice: HABLA ESPAÑOL O MUERE


Jujutsu Kaisen TV show

El Ardiente Nirai Kanai (manga book)


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