PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND / CORTEZ split due out in October; teaser available

The first teaser from the upcoming PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND / CORTEZ split has surfaced online. This exclusive release (a 10″ vinyl with an unique twelve minute-long track per band) by two of the harshest European hardcore acts is due out on October 15th via Throatruiner Records, Basement Apes Industries and Get A Life! Records.

Here’s the official word:

Tolosian plebs and long-time-no-see swiss cross their swords on this exclusive 10” split, each band carving their grooves with an unique twelve minute-long track.
On tail side, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND confirms their hegemony in terms of frightening chaos : the ghostly “I.W.W.O.Y.T.W.Y.W.O.M” starts like a long and punishing funeral procession, just before the thunder strikes the cortege. Becoming less hardcore-oriented and more experimental – while always sustaining a rare intensity-, the band leaves their comfort zone with this hypnotic track swinging between sludge/drone and black metal.
Heads, after seven years of silence and a full-length (“Initial”) that left a deep impression, “A.F.D.N.T.E.D.E.V.L.S.” marks the comeback of CORTEZ’s acrid and corrosive noisecore. Still bass-less, still as harsh as ever, the swiss trio delivers a massive piece filled with a nearly luminous imperial slowness. An opportunity to check that the band hasn’t lost its touch, entangling crushed rhythms and powerful emotional discharges.

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