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Podioslave Podcast shines spotlight on DYING WISH’s Emma Boster

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In a recent episode of the Podioslave Podcast, Tony and Anthony delve into an insightful conversation with Emma Boster of Dying Wish, a band currently experiencing a remarkable high in their career. This interview, rich with personal revelations and professional insights, offers a unique glimpse into the journey of a band and its frontwoman at the zenith of their success.

Emma Boster’s account of Dying Wish’s first-ever sold-out headliner show in Atlanta is both exhilarating and humbling.

She describes this milestone as “the culmination of six years of hard work,” a testament to the band’s perseverance and dedication. The thrill of the experience, she admits, is “overstimulating,” a whirlwind of excitement that makes it hard to sleep at night, but also incredibly rewarding.

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Emma candidly shares her disbelief at the band’s current success, a far cry from her initial expectations.

She reminisces about her younger self, admitting that she never envisioned such achievements. “I was a normal person, and stuff like this doesn’t happen to normal people like me,” she says. Starting the band as a mere passion project, she is amazed at how far they’ve come, underscoring the unpredictability and growth in their journey.

Dying Wish didn’t emerge in a vacuum. Emma acknowledges bands like Knocked Loose and Vein as significant influences, particularly admiring Knocked Loose for exemplifying “how to do things the right way.” These bands helped shape Dying Wish’s approach to crowd engagement, stage presence, and managing the day-to-day rigors of being in a band.

Discussing the band’s second release, ‘Symptoms of Survival‘, Emma opens up about the pressures that come with rapid growth and increased visibility. She touches on her personal struggles to keep pace with the band’s success, a sentiment encapsulated in the lyrics of ‘Watch My Promise Die’. The experience has been a learning curve, balancing the band’s organic beginnings with their newfound prominence.

Emma highlights the emotional resonance of performing new tracks live, particularly ‘Lost in the Fall’. She describes the song’s epic ending as a pivotal moment in their set, showcasing the passion and intensity that define Dying Wish’s live performances.

With five music videos released for ‘Symptoms of Survival‘, Emma emphasizes the band’s commitment to creating compelling visual content to accompany their music. She believes in the timelessness of music videos and their role in enhancing the listener’s experience.


Perhaps the most touching aspect of Emma’s interview is her appreciation for Dying Wish’s fans. She finds joy in meeting fans and learning about them, valuing each person’s role in the “ecosystem” of a live show. This approach underscores the band’s grassroots ethos and their respect for the community that supports them.

You can dive deeper into Emma Boster’s insights and experiences by tuning into the Podioslave Podcast episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or directly on their website.

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