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POLAR BEAR CLUB singer talks about touring and the band’s new album

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POLAR BEAR CLUB singer Jimmy Stadt was recently interviewed by Music Remedy, where he discussed touring, their latest album “Clash Battle Guilt Pride” and some other random stuff.

It’s been great! It’s done exactly what we wanted it to do. I think it showed people what type of band we are. That we’re going to make records for a while and that’s going to be the sum of the whole thing. I think when we first came out people were like ‘Oh this first stuff is really good. Is that going to be it from these guys?’ because that happens to a lot of bands. I think with this record we’ve shown a lot of people that that’s not all we have because we’re songwriters. That’s what we want to do and we’re going to make a lot of records and a lot of people that talk to me about this record they say ‘Wow it’s like a combination of everything I thought Polar Bear Club was in one record’ which I guess that’s kind of cool. Really, from our stand point, I say this every time, even I probably said this to you at the AP tour, we just really make music that we want to make. There’s no other way to make music. It’s so funny when people say a band has sold out. I’m not saying people think that of us. It’s funny when people think that and I think it too sometimes. When you think that a band is trying to act a certain way. We’ve never been able to fathom that. We’ve never been able to be like ‘We should try and sound like this’. I was watching the documentary about Wilco on Netflix the other day and Jeff Tweedie was talking about this very thing and he was like ‘The record label didn’t like the record and I didn’t know how, there’s no other way to do it and I don’t know how to do it any other way’. I was like ‘That’s it!’ because there’s no other way to do it. People could come to us and be like ‘You need to make a record that’s more like this’ and we just said ‘Go fuck yourself. There’s no way to do it’. We just make the music we want and we only just follow our instinct. It’s a reflection of where you’re at in your band and the person you are at that time but I think this record really is one more step into our world. The next one will be the same thing but just at a different time in our lives. 

You can check out the rest of the interview here.


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