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Polish post rockers THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY release debut EP

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A couple of years after their initial contribution to the Cold Wind Is The Promise Of A Storm compilation, Warsaw post rock act THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY have regrouped, teamed up with Scottish/Polish DIY label Too Many Fireworks and put out their debut demo EP, which has been unleashed for streaming below. Featuring various abstracted versions of cover art made by the band themselves, “Those Who Dream By Day” EP expands their sonic palette presented on their 2015 score for the short movie “Nieśmiertelna” by Hubert Patynowski (watch below) and explores the idea of ambiguity and complexity of feelings evoked by emotional and adventurous music. THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY have successfully managed to throw a whole range of moods into the mix while still maintaining their identity, and it’s obvious they’re really onto something. Listen below, scroll down to find out more about the record and the band’s future plans, and stay tuned for more from these guys soon!

THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY‘s debut demo EP saw the light of day in February 2017 and the band is currently working on their debut LP, scheduled for a late 2017 release. They are also actively looking for live shows opportunities, so feel free to drop them a line via [email protected].

The band expounded more on the cover art:

On February 15th we shared the stage with a British band Blanket and during this gig we premiered our EP. We made the CD packages ourselves, so each one is different and unique. We gave everyone in attendance a copy of the EP, and every single person had a different cover version. We want everyone who gets our EP to feel special and know that they have something that’s one of a kind. We’re thinking of sticking to that idea, and do that for each show, so fans can choose which is their favourite.

… and continued on the overall message and creating a concept for their work:

Coming up with this concept, we assumed, that every person has their own interpretation of each sound. Covers refer to Rorschach inkblots (just for the record, we don’t take Rorschach test seriously) – so they are a perfect example of diversity in interpretations. In our case, in music.

EP was created on the basis of our experience and achievements (also at the beginning, when there was only two people in the band). So each band member has different feelings and a lot of interpretations of sounds on this EP. We all have strong emotions about it, but still a different feedback. Beginning with delicate and elusive First, then going on to Quitely where the melancholy starts and is built up till Illalla, ending with the Lighthouse Keeper which, according to one of our fans, may be the symbol of us as a individuals- different perspectives, different fears and different dreams. But still, this is our fan’s interpretation, and only his. One of many. I think, that in the end we just want to encourage people to open their minds and be brave enough to feel it and understand it themselves, and not to look for instant answers.

Asked about their plans for the future, they continued:

A lot of our material is ready, and after we released the EP the last thing we want to do, is stop at that. Right now, we are scheduled to record tracks for the LP. We don’t want to share a lot of details, but we are planning to release a full album this year. We can assure you that it won’t take long, and we are determined to make a huge progress in the quality and the sound (at least, in our opinion  ). You can count on develpopment in our instrument skills and the spectrum of sounds and instruments that we’re going to use. We’re definetly going to stay true to our melodic side, you know.
The great thing is, that after the premiere of our EP, we’re getting a lot of messages from people who want to support us with their visual creations. We want to use it, and work with various artist as often as we can. We are looking forward to future collaborations, especially those blending visual arts and music.

They will be supporting their work on selected dates that will be announced soon!

It’s not a secret that our priority right now is recording an LP, but we are planning gigs in Wrocław, Poznań, Toruń, Radom, Kraków or Suwałki. And of course Warsaw. We are taking care of details right now, not just about the venues, but also about the bands, that we are gonna share the stage with. We are always looking for unusual and magical places for gigs. We would love to play in places where no one has ever performed music before.

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