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Pop punk rockers CALLING ALL CAPTAINS share new power track “Undone”

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Pop-punk band CALLING ALL CAPTAINS has a fluid dynamic where each member holds an untold responsibility for writing and being an asset to the band. Vocalist Luc Gauthier and guitarist/vocalist Connor Dawkins are the primary songwriters. Fellow guitarist/vocalist Brad Bremner focuses on the technical elements. Drummer Tim Wilson concentrates on the beat, and bassist Nick Malychuk envisions how the songs will perform live and which technical aspects will draw the crowds in. This collaboration allows the songs they make to be relatable and personable to each member.

Following on the heels of previously released single, “Tailspin,” the band are sharing brand new track “Undone.” A song about that person in your life that makes everything about them and takes no responsibility for their own actions, “Undone” takes into account the fact that narcissists eventually expose themselves for who they really are. Sometimes all you can do is be the bigger person and walk away from the situation. Not every hill is worth dying on.

Pop punk rockers CALLING ALL CAPTAINS share new power track Undone

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