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Post-ANCHOR chronicles continue: the END BEGINS!

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END BEGINS rises out of the ashes after the sudden demise of two of Sweden’s most characteristic punk/hardcore acts ANCHOR, who members’ other new projects have been introduced exclusively on IDIOTEQ at this and this location. The death of the old is the birth of the new, and sometimes it is necessary to let go of the safety you possess before you are allowed access to new pathways. Losing no time to fill up the void left by the departure of ATLAS LOSING GRIP and the aforementioned AMCHOR, as much in the personal lives of the members as in the music scene, END BEGINS is about both respectful continuation and celebrative rebirth. The musical intention is to peel off the more intricate layers of the previous bands; to reach for the core, for a rock sound that is more purified rawness and less polished song writing. Plug in, play loud, pure rock.

Fitting this purpose perfectly is the nerve that guitar player Rasmus Grahn brings to the mix from his relentlessly catchy The Dahmers. Yet, fans of monumental records like “Currents” and “Distance and Devotion” are bound to recognize and cherish the rhythmic pulse and melodic hooks that drive END BEGINS forward. In that sense, END BEGINS will appeal to a wide crowd of punks, rockers and metal heads.

Lead guitarist Stefan Bratt’s lyrics carry significant therapeutic weight, challenging inner demons and channelling existential struggles. In his vocal interpretation, singer and bass player Mattias Rasmusson welcomes the listener into deep, dark realms, where hope and resignation correlate.
Producer Tommy (Vånna Inget etc) sums up the concept well: ”the listener will be able to visualize the musicians. The sweaty riffs and intense guitars will be felt as much as heard.”



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