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Post hardcore / screamo band TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR gets a new re-release via Zegema Beach Records

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Zegema Beach Records just released Ruined Lives + Young Vampires (previously on Level Plane Records), a new re-release by US post rock infused post hardcore / screamo band TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR.

Comments the label: “3 years in the making, after several tours trespassing through nearly every state in the US, including one with Circle Takes the Square and Fear Before the March of Flames that USofDave‘s car-less ass will never forgive for not coming to Chicago, this record is teeming with riff after riff of post punk hardcore. Kurt Ballou‘s always stellar production provides the chunk that bands like Refused brought to our attention a decade prior, with the drunken anger of Rollins-era Black Flag. Still as fresh and horrid as ever, it’s now available in tiny form.”

For fans of: Refused, Hot Snakes, and The Blood Brothers

Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios. Layout by Dave Cullen.

‘Ruined Lives + Young Vampires’ tape /155 breakdown as follows:

– 51 Diet of Green (seafoam)
– 51 City Light Sparkle (blue/green glitter)
– 25 We Both Born Cursed (pink swirl)
– 10 Morning Sickness (pink glitter swirl)
– 10 Black Hole (black glitter swirl)
– 1 test stamp (seafoam stamp test)
– 1 test stamp (pink stamp test)

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