MOGWAI -The SSE Hydro, Glasgow 16 December 2017 - by Brian Sweeney
MOGWAI -The SSE Hydro, Glasgow 16 December 2017 - by Brian Sweeney
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Post rock vets MOGWAI release new special edition reissues of first two albums

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Exciting news for fans of the legendary Scottish post-rock band Mogwai! The band’s first two albums, Mogwai Young Team and Come On Die Young, have just been released as special edition reissues on Chemikal Underground. These iconic albums were originally released in 1997 and 1999, respectively, and have since become beloved classics of the post-rock genre.

The new reissues have been given a fresh update, with Mogwai Young Team fully remastered and now available on Double Blue Vinyl LP + CD. This means that fans can now enjoy the album’s intricate, atmospheric soundscapes and epic, soaring melodies in even higher fidelity. The remastering process has breathed new life into these tracks, revealing previously hidden details and nuances that were not apparent in the original release.

Meanwhile, Come On Die Young has also been repressed and is now available on Double White Vinyl LP. This album was Mogwai’s second full-length release and marked a significant evolution in the band’s sound. It showcases their signature slow-building, experimental approach to songwriting, as well as their knack for creating spine-tingling climaxes that leave listeners breathless.

These special edition reissues are a must-have for any Mogwai fan or anyone interested in the post-rock genre. With their stunning new packaging, enhanced audio quality, and timeless musical vision, they offer a chance to experience these classic albums in a whole new way. So head over to Chemikal Underground and get your hands on these essential releases before they sell out!


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