QUICKSAND’s “Manic Compression” to be reissued on coloured vinyl

While there have been rumours of a new album, SRC Vinyl will release QUICKSAND‘s second albu“Manic Compression” on vinyl on February 26th, two days before the 18th anniversary of its original release. The gatefold LP, available in four colours, is available for pre-order here.

Originally released on February 28, 1995, “Manic Compression” was the follow-up to QUICKSAND‘s 1993 classic debut “Slip” and became their most successful release, peaking at number 135 on The Billboard 200 in America. Despite the success of “Manic Compression“, it proved to be their final album before their first break up.

Pressing Info:
* Lacquers created by Lucky Lacquers
* Gatefold jacket, reverseboard
* Includes 18 x 24 poster

Vinyl Color:
* 500 copies: 180-gram green / black swirl
* 500 copies: 180-gram red / black swirl
* 500 copies: 180-gram army green (retail exclusive)
* 250 copies: 180-gram red ads
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