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RADIOHEAD releases a full, high quality stream of their April show at Coachella

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RADIOHEAD have released a full set video from their April 21st set from Coachella festival. The entire 2-hour set can be watched below. More gig videos will be coming soon!

The band commented: has returned once again to feature some recent live shows. First up is Coachella from 21st April this year.”


1) Daydreaming
2) Desert Island Disk
3) Ful Stop
4) 15 Step
5) Myxomatosis
6) Lucky
7) All I Need
8) Pyramid Song
9) Everything In It’s Right Place
10) Bloom
11) Identikit
12) My Iron Lung
13) I Might Be Wrong
14) The Gloaming
15) Bodysnatchers
16) Exit Music (For A Film)
17) Reckoner
[Encore 1]
18) No Surprises
19) Paranoid Android
20) Fake Plastic Trees
21) Lotus Flower
22) Idioteque

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