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Recall: HUSKER DU Live in London, 1985

HUSKER DU‘s “Live From The Camden Palace” is a full live video recorded in London, UK on May 14th, 1985.

Set list:
1. “New Day Rising”
2. “It’s Not Funny Anymore”
3. “Everything Falls Apart”
4. “Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill”
5. “I Apologize”
6. “If I Told You”
7. “Folklore”
8. “Terms of Psychic Warfare”
9. “Powerline”
10. “Books About UFOs”
11. “Chartered Trips”
12. “Diane”
13. “Celebrated Summer”
14. “Every Everything”
15. “Makes No Sense at All”
16. “Pink Turns to Blue”
17. “Ticket to Ride”
18. “Reoccurring Dreams/Dreams Reoccurring”
19. “Eight Miles High”
10. “Love Is All Around”

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