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Recall: KALIBER 44

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KALIBER 44 was a Polish hip hop band formed in 1994 in Katowice by Piotr Łuszcz (“Magik”), Marcin Marten (“Abradab”) and Michał Marten (“Joka”). KALIBER had made Idioteq what it is today. Seriously, it’s one of our biggest inspirations ever.

These guys have released three albums: “Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog” (“The Mysterious Book. Prologue”), which created a new genre – so called “psycho rap”, the second album “W 63 minuty dookoła świata” (“Around the world in 63 minutes”) (1998) and their very last “3:44” (2000).

Soon after release of the second album “W 63 minuty dookoła świata” Magik retired from the band formed a new band called PAKTOFONIKA with Sebastian Salbert (Rahim) and Wojciech Alszer (Fokus). On December 26, 2000, at around 6:15, “Magik” committed suicide by jumping out of the window of his apartment the ninth floor of the building, in Katowice. At around 6:45, he was pronounced dead in a local hospital, leaving his wife Justyna, and a 3-year old son, Filip.

Scroll down to see some of the best stuff recorded by this amazing pack.

kaliber 44

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