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Recall: MASTODON – The Workhorse Chronicles The Early Years 2000-2005 DVD (2006)

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MASTODON‘s “The Workhorse Chronicles The Early Years 2000-2005” DVD is the band’s first official DVD that goes behind the scenes in over 3 hours of hand-selected footage from the band’s personal video archives. Included are in-depth interviews with each band member and a career spanning range of live performances including rare footage of the band in their original form as a 5 piece through to sold-out clubs worldwide.

1. Deep Sea Creature
2. Slickleg
3. Thank You For This
4. Call of the Mastodon
5. Shadows That Move
6. Battle At Sea
7. Hail to Fire
8. We Built This Come Death
9. Welcoming War
10. Burning Man
11. Crusher Destroyer
12. March of the Fire Ants
13. Mother Puncher
14. Ol’e Nessie
15. Trainwreck
16. Trampled Under Hoof
17. Trilobite
18. Where Strides the Behemoth
19. Workhorse
20. Megalodon
21. Aqua Dementia
22. Blood and Thunder
23. Hearts Alive
24. I Am Ahab
25. Iron Tusk
26. Island
27. Naked Burn
28. Seabeast


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