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Recall: THE SMASHING PUMPKINS live in Toronto, 1996

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By 1996, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS had become rock superstars and were riding high with the huge success of their iconic album “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”. The entire footage of the band performing live at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada on September 14, 1996 can be viewed below.

Here’s the set list:
1. Where Boys Fear to Tread
2. Zero
3. Fuck You (An Ode to No One)
4. To Forgive
5. Tonight, Tonight
6. Today
7. X.Y.U.
8. Mayonaise
9. Disarm
10. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
11. Cherub Rock
12. Thru the Eyes of Ruby

Encore 1:
13. Siva
14. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans / Beautiful / Rocket

Encore 2:
15. Some Kind of Wonderful (Grand Funk Railroad cover)
16. 1979
17. Muzzle

Encore 3:
18. Silverfuck The Aeroplane Flies High (tease)


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