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Recall: THE VARUKERS live in 1986

KillThatCat has posted a video of THE VARUKERS playing live back in 1986.

The author has posted this message:

VARUKERS are a punk band from the UK, formed in 1979, and considered part of the heavy UK82 style alongside bands like Discharge, Amebix,  and GBH. I’ve always preferred those bands, so I’m not as familiar with Varuker’s releases as I am the other bands mentioned.  I did play a show with them once, in 2000, and we partied afterwords.  It was my first interaction with an old english punk band, and they were surprisingly nice guys.  I was secretly hoping they’d smash chairs and light stuff on fire.  Well, I don’t have  any info on this video.  It was on a VHS tape labeled “Varukers 1986″ and that’s it.  The video was incomplete.


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