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Recall: TSOL interviewed by Razorcake Zine

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TSOL were interviewed for Razorcake fanzine #04, back in 2001. The interview recently surfaced online. Check it out below.



The members of TSOL found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time shortly after their interview with Reflex. In 2002, while playing at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, two men were shot backstage. Both survived, but TSOL was held partially responsible and slapped with an exorbitant attorney fee that took years to pay off. In 2003 they released, Divided We Stand, featuring Greg Kuehn back on keys. The lineup also included Billy Blaze on drums and legend David Bianco on percussion and guitar. Kuehn has spent his time working on television and movie scores as a composer. His company, Peligro Music & Sound, has a reputation for quality production. His laundry list of credits and clients include, Duane Peters; Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Confessions of a Superhero and We Were Feared; and a documentary on the infamous Cuckoo’s Nest where TSOL, XTC, and The Damned played in the ‘80s.
Jack Grisham threw his hat in the ring when he decided to run for governor of California in 2004. Grisham rationed he was tired of complaining about government and decided he should act to change it, dispelling the idea he was reneging on his “fuck the government” stance. His campaign highlighted the environment, universal health care, and immigrant rights. Sadly, Jack didn’t garner enough votes.
Who’s Screwin’ Who? was released in 2005 on Anarchy Records. This best-of live comp mixed the old with the new such as “Code Blue,” “Dance with Me” and “Fuck You Tough Guy.” In 2006, Nitro re-released Dance with Me and Mike and Ron moved from Southern California to Las Vegas and Ohio. Mike has been operating out of Carey Hart’s tattoo shop, Hart & Huntington, in Sin City’s Hard Rock Hotel. He continues to collect custom tattoo guns.
In 2008, drummer Tiny Bubz, formerly of (hed) p.e. and The Cadillac Tramps joined the lineup and a year later TSOL released, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Free Downloads, through Hurley’s website. The skate, surf, snowboard giant hosted video blogs on the site, chronicling the making of the album. Opting to make the new tunes free, the boys urged those to donate to their favorite charities like the SPCA, The Orange County Food Bank, and Midnight Mission. They toured for the album, playing in NYC for the first time in six years to fans old and new.
2010 marked the year Ron released his first debut album, Walk the Walk, which spanned over twenty years of songwriting and included a who’s-who list of punkers: Mike Ness, Dexter Holland, Tim Armstrong, and bandmates, Jack Grisham and Mike Roche. Ron spent the better part of that year touring to support his album.
In 2011, Grisham released his first book, An American Demon: A Memoir, which steers clear of the predictable road to redemption of drug-addled rock star autobiographies. Jack instead told his story from a fiendish, first-person narrative disregarding chronology like Henry Miller meets Bukowski. Grisham is a licensed hypnotherapist and practices in Huntington Beach, California. He regularly holds seminars on topics from quitting smoking to meditation. While all members have their own set of projects, each attests to their commitment to TSOL.

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TSOL live:

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