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Redefining “I’m Fine”: hey it’s jay’s “Doing Fine” sparks mental health dialogue

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Pop-rock act hey it’s jay is no stranger to the Los Angeles music scene. Despite originating from the arid landscapes of Arizona, his vibrant sound, echoing with poignant messages, has reverberated throughout the city of angels. Today, he’s releasing his second single “Doing Fine,” a raw, introspective piece lifted from his debut EP, H.E.L.P (Here Everyone Likes Pain).

“Doing Fine” confronts an issue that many struggle with in silence – the veneer of wellbeing that disguises underlying mental health challenges. As a society, we’re all too familiar with the phrase “I’m fine,” often used to deflect concern and maintain the illusion of stability. hey it’s jay, having grappled with personal battles behind closed doors, penned “Doing Fine” to debunk the myth of this ubiquitous response.

In a world consumed by the pursuit of perfection, “Doing Fineserves as a rallying cry for authenticity. The single inspires listeners to acknowledge their struggles, ask for help when needed, and foster open dialogues around mental health. By doing so, hey it’s jay champions a culture of transparency that urges deeper connections and genuine concern for others’ well-being.

hey it's jay
hey it’s jay


Musically, “Doing Fine” is a potent blend of pop, punk, and rock genres, brimming with high-energy and a nod to the iconic sound of the 2000s. The pulsating drums, gritty electric guitars, and heartfelt vocals form a dynamic soundscape that perfectly encapsulates the urgency of the song’s message. These elements coalesce, crafting an auditory experience that is as engaging as it is thought-provoking.

Beyond the music, hey it’s jay‘s journey has been a constant evolution. From his beginnings as a producer and DJ, through the trials of imposter syndrome and perfectionism, hey it’s jay emerged stronger and more attuned to his craft. These trials and triumphs have heavily influenced his artistic direction, steering him towards a path that embraces vulnerability and transparency.

hey it's jay

Taking time for personal rejuvenation, or as hey it’s jay likes to call them, “runaways,” has also become a staple in his creative process. These scheduled retreats offer an opportunity to escape the daily hustle, refuel his creative reservoir, and reconnect with his passion’s roots. Whether it’s a solo trip to a random beach with his guitar, immersing in a good book, or spending quiet moments in meditation, hey it’s jay understands the importance of nurturing his creative spirit and mental wellbeing.

hey it’s jay‘s philosophy transcends his music. His ethos encourages fellow artists to step away from the pressure of constant productivity, emphasizing the importance of self-care, passion, and authenticity in their craft. With his debut EP, H.E.L.P, on the horizon, we can anticipate more of his warm presence, honest lyricism, and memorable pop-punk melodies, inviting us into a world where vulnerability is celebrated, and understanding is the norm.

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