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Reflections to release SCORPION CHILD’s debut album in 2013

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Reflections Records are very stoked and proud to announce the release the debut album from one of Austin, TX best kept musical secrets in years: SCORPION CHILD!

scorpions child

They wear their hair long, don’t shave, roll their own cigarettes and walk around in deerskin jackets and bell-bottoms. Their sound harkens back to early ‘70s psych-rock with a modern twist listing. They consider themselves purists that pay homage to Britain’s Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy with a hint of Black Sabbath. The five-piece hail from Austin, Texas where they’ve spent the last six years perfecting both their songwriting and stage presence. Layering high-energy twin-guitars over a pounding rhythm section with a singer that’s a cross between Robert Plant and Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon.

Trends in music are cyclical. Every few years something comes along that borrows just enough from the past to make the new exciting again. Scorpion Child are a breath of fresh air that share a reverence for Muddy Waters in the electric blues of “Kings Highway”, Dio-era Rainbow in “Polygon of Eyes” and the pummeling drive of Deep Purple’s In Rock with “The Secret Spot”. Built for the big stage “Salvation Slave” hearkens back to when guitar rock ruled the airwaves and made going to a concert the ultimate main event.
“We sound like what we sound like – we’re not gonna let anyone tell us what they think our sound should be.” Says singer Aryn Black. The band join an elite few including The Sword, Graveyard and Radio Moscow that celebrate a warm Marshall and liquid feedback while still pushing boundaries. That adventurous spirit carries over to “Antioch”, a Hippie folk number with hypnotic beat and subtle shades of light that fuses into a blinding guitar solo. A chugging pulse distinguishes “In The Arms of Ecstasy” as a celebration of the groove while the slow building “Red Blood (The River Flows)” continues to attract comparisons to Led Zeppelin. “I guess the similarities with Zeppelin are that we branch a bit more,” says Aaron. “They were more innovative and not afraid to go outside the usual confines of an electric blues-rock band.” Reflections will release SCORPION CHILD’s debut album in Europe on February 19, 2013

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