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Rest in peace Samuel from French screamo legends DAITRO

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Samuel Moncharmont, the guitarist, engineer and visual artist whose captivating craft propelled his band Daitro into one of European screamo / post hardcore’s biggest groups, has passed away. He was also known from his work with Baton Rouge. His main band Daitro confirmed his death 2 days ago through Facebook. Read the full statement below.

“It is with a heavy heart that we write today.” – writes Daïtro. “Samuel left us after a long battle with cancer and today our sadness is immense. He was our childhood friend, our road mate, our heart brother.”

“The last few days we’ve been listening to our tracks a lot, scrutinized our photos and remembered the lots of wonderful memories we both had.”

“Playing with Sam was a huge pride, being by his side and being rocked by his life force was even more so. After Daïtro, Potence, Red Stick, Contractions, The Sixth Foul, 12 XU, Anchor, Torino. He had a mutual affection and pleasure to be part of all these projects near or far.”

“Samuel went to live in Berlin, full of art projects, but has always been there for all of us, in every step of our lives. This deep friendship, this proximity despite the distance has been an engine for Daïtro and a real strength for all of us in our afterlife. For all those who met him and thought he was nice, be sure he was and much more, best friend and a great person.”

“At the end of his life, he started collecting geographic maps, if you want to testify to him your affection, you can send a postcard of your city to his attention, to his parent s’ address (private message address) / Thank you, thank you, Julien, Aurélien, Gwen, Louib”

Karol Kamiński

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