Return of Vinyls + things artists should make themselves aware of

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Vinyl records have made a massive comeback recently. The COVID-19 global pandemic created a crisis across the music industry, and the demand for vinyl skyrocketed. It may be because people felt isolated and wanted a connection with something they could physically hold. Maybe feeling closer to your favorite artist comes with listening to their album in its entirety.

Many musicians have found benefits in this uptick in the return of vinyl records. For instance, those teaching drum lessons can practice using vinyl, which some prefer over the sound of digitally “perfect” recordings.

Whatever the reason, musicians and independent artists need to pay attention to the vinyl revival. There haven’t been any significant initiatives to increase vinyl production; however, artists should consider releasing their music on vinyl for a few beneficial reasons.

VInyl by Anton H
Vinyl by Anton H

Vinyl Release Facts

Test pressing for vinyl can take up to a month before getting approved for manufacturing the release of your music on vinyl. It is a complex process, and it requires some patience on your part as the artist.

The music industry is steeped in more immediate forms of producing your music for fans to purchase. However, musicians must be aware of the advantages of releasing on vinyl along with these other forms. Here are some great reasons that independent musicians should be mindful of to convince them that the vinyl return is an excellent option to include in sales.

Physical Element

Musicians and artists nowadays do everything digitally. And that’s very understandable; we live in a digital age where technology rules. However, streaming your music and performing or creating new videos for your YouTube channels shouldn’t be your only way of promoting and selling music. Streaming and digital music sales typically pay very low. It can be more beneficial to sell other forms of merchandise for your fans.

Vinyl records can make a visual impact on your audience. Paired with other physical merchandise offerings like t-shirts, posters, and more, you can put something special on your website and merch tables during gigs. It gives fans something they can take with them, look at, and creates a deeper connection.

Vinyl by dids
Vinyl by dids

Compact Discs (CDs) – What Are They?

CD Albums are dropping dramatically. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), sales have decreased by 97% since a peak in 2020. CDs are dead, and the newer generations sometimes have no idea what a CD is if they were to see one in a music store.

People aren’t buying CDs anymore, so they wouldn’t be the most cost-effective investment as a method of releasing your music. Instead, consider investing in releasing music on a vinyl record to make a more considerable impact since newer generations have and continue to invest in them.

Vinyl Holds More Authentic Value

Many people are looking for more authenticity in the things they buy. The vinyl format has inherent value because, more often than not, they are a piece of art. People have a visual to look at that helps solidify your brand, too.

With vinyl records, people will not only talk about how great your music is, but they’ll also talk about the record, so you can attract those enthusiasts who are interested in art, too. Some of those considered hipsters prefer the old-fashioned appeal of vinyl and create a collection for admiration along with their love of music.

Small Investment to Make

One great reason to release music on vinyl is the investment. While there are plenty of avenues to invest in, like streaming, you can just as quickly and easily invest in an on-demand vinyl pressing to get vinyl records to sell.

And, you can start with an album that you have already released in the past (a re-release), possibly something that resonated well with your audience. Then you can be sure you aren’t taking a huge risk but a calculated one.

No Automatic Playlists

An aspect of today’s music via streaming has led the way for suggested artists, songs, and music similar to what you are already listening to pop up. Playlists serve the function of jumping from songs, groups, artists, and sometimes even genres.

When you listen to an album in its entirety on vinyl, you sometimes are given a story or message directly from the musician, without interruption. True or hardened fans of musicians prefer this to fully appreciate the songwriting, musicianship, and hard work that goes into creating an entire album instead of just liking a song or two. They feel it is the way to enjoy vinyl records properly.

Giving Control Back To the Listener

Artists should be aware that vinyl records have the power to put the control back into the hands of the listener. Think about it – buying a record is an experience, and being able to go to a store and choose for themselves, without being suggested a new song or artist by algorithm, plays a role in the listener’s own discovery and love of music.

Buying a record can also be a gamble but sometimes a fun risk. When you buy a record, you’re more likely to be invested in the music and take the time to really listen to it. Some even argue that the crackling and popping from the record player sounds better than the higher-resolution digital tracks.

Vinyl for the Future

There are many advantages for independent artists working in the digital age. Portability and ease of release can be helpful, especially if you are new or unknown within the music industry. However, there are benefits to be had by considering the vinyl and its booming return in popularity that can be helpful for musicians.

Nicole McCray

Before having her kids and shifting her career toward teaching students how to play their first instrument, Nicole was pinching pennies in her 20s while singing at dive bars and coffee shops across the country. She took what she learned from those formative years 'on the road,' and now spends her days contributing to music blogs, penning new songs, and learning new production skills. She finds great joy in sharing her insight with other musicians trying to make it in the industry.

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