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Reunited emo punk rock pioneers JAWBREAKER re-release debut demo

JAWBREAKER are streaming the new remastered and remixed debut demo, detailed in the official statement below. Play it through the player below, go back in time, and GO HERE to see their upcoming live events.

The first Jawbreaker demo was available on cassette and sold at shows back in the day. Some of these songs went on to be pressed up on splits and comps (“Equalized,” “Split,” “Caroline,” “Better Half”). Others were rerecorded (“Rich,” “Down”). “World Of Shit” with Chris on lead vocal, was never released beyond the original cassette.

The 1″ 16-track analog master was found in a basement in 2016.

J Robbins painstakingly baked and restored the tape before remixing it for improved fidelity. The the lo-fi, low-tech charm remains.

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