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Russian intrumental post rockers ANTETHIC release new marvellous record “Ghost Shirt Society”

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ANTETHIC, an instrumental post rock band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, have just released their new record ‘Ghost Shirt Society’, and it’s a real treat for fans of atmospheric, epic soundscapes, and uplifting harmonies. What distinguishes it from dozens of modern post-rock acts is the strong sense of narrative and adventure within, and a close attention to wide open atmospherics and huge cinematic impacts. “Ghost Shirt Society” seems to be closely related to the nature, rather than existing in an abstract space. ANTETHIC have proved they are able to carry forward traditions in their own forward thinking way, and this record is surely their most consistent statement of how they smartly relate to their precursors. Great stuff.

ANTETHIC is an instrumental rock trio from St. Petersburg, Russia. One of the most interesting and innovative bands on the European post-rock scene. The trio is notable for impressive and organic combination of variety of genres, such as electronic, progressive rock, ambient, drone and shoegaze. Staying true to the band’s experimental and atmospheric roots every new release shows progression towards more balanced and electronic sound. Throughout a 5 years lifetime Antethic has released 2 LP albums, several EP and singles.

The latest album ‘Ghost Shirt Society’ is the first work as a trio in 3 years. The record challenged us with the line up changes and expanded each member involvement on multiple instruments. This resulted in more detailed and yet flowing compositions which we see as our best works so far. The album is inspired by idealism philosophy, utopian and post-catastrophic ideas. As usual we was looking for the way to express specific philosophical or political idea by the means of music.

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