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SEPULTURA guitarist rules out a reunion with the Cavalera brothers

Horns Up Rocks! recently conducted an interview with SEPULTURA‘s lead guitarist Andreas Kisser. Two videos of the interview can be viewed below.

Asked about the possibility of the band reuniting with the Cavalera brothers Max (guitar, vocals) and Igor (drums), Kisser replied:

Possibilities are open all the time, but there is nothing in the [works]. It’s not part of our plans. We have totally different plans; we have a busy year [ahead of us]. We will maybe start thinking about a new album for next year and stuff.

He added,

[We have been getting questions about a reunion] since Maxleft the band, and more strongly after Igor left the band. But it’s a part of what Sepultura is. What can I do?! It’s a rich history behind [the band], with many changes. And I guess we’re gonna be talking about that forever. 

If something like that were to happen, it would have to [happen] very naturally. Because Sepultura was always like that — it was not made by managers or a business offer; it was made by people who love to play together and [make] music together. The consequence of what Sepultura [accomplished] is only because of that. So if we [did] it right, it would be cool. But I don’t see it happening.

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