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Several monsters clash in the newest EP from Austin southern rockish metalcore band GNARWOLF!

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Austin, Texas chaotic hardcore / metalcore powerhouse GNARWOLF have joined us to share their recently released EP “II” and drop us a quick overview of its fun concept and take us to a haunted town in the old Western days that have several characters and monsters with roles for each song. These guys are still on their way to produce epic, more refined, progressive thinking masterpieces, but they still impress with monstrous riffs, shifting dynamics, and surely set themselves out from the crowd. Listen for yourself and scroll down to check out the official word on each and every track.

Catch GNARWOLF tonight with HE IS LEGEND at Come And Take It Live venue in Austin, TX! The event is All Ages and features 4 more bands on the bill: ISLANDER, TO SPEAK OF WOLVES, BAD SEED RISING, and THE VINOUS.

Track by track breakdown:

Harold: The Hero / An agoraphobic person who is afraid of the sun and the outside world. He has a hero complex, but is also a serial killer. He essentially saves people by murdering them.

Jessie: The Sheriff / A sailor that accidentally releases the Cthulhu in the past. The sailor eventually becomes the sheriff of the town and has nightmares of the Cthulhu, which gets summoned.

Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins: The Mayor & His Wife / Both the mayor and his wife are essentially vampires. They have fallen in love and continue their love by draining the blood from humans.

Anne: The Widow / A southern belle that seduces men and kills/eats them because she is a cannibal.

Hector: The Foreigner / A foreigner that comes into town and gets bitten by a werewolf. The song is about how he turns into the werewolf for the first time. It’s all new to him

Dodge Brothers: The Cowboys  / Cowboys that get cursed and turned into zombies by a Native American medicine man for slaughtering a tribe.


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