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Should Animals Be Off the Menu?

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Sweden’s NO OMEGA have posted a statement regarding the The St James Ethics and Wheeler Centre debate, available for streaming below.

The band commented:

No Omega supports a vegan or vegetarian diet. So does this guy, and he has some really good things to say. Awful truths. Very REAL facts and potential threats we will probably face in the future. You don’t have to watch the video, just wanted to spread the word about something that really means a lot to us. Becoming vegan is the best thing that happened to me in my life. // oscar

We are all vegans and vegetarians and we support these dietary choices because we, humyns, are “all-eaters” thereby can survive on a vegetarian diet. We do not need murder and the slaugther of so many lives and animals. To quote Anchor; “how can anyone choose death before life?”.
There is also the industrial aspect to it. In western society we have reached a level and a stage where – we believe – that industries must be set up to provide enough goods and food for people. And when it becomes an industry, it becomes so much more. The suffering of millions of lives as well as the environmental side to it. Just to get meat on our plates when we so easily can live without it!

You can still enjoy our music without agreeing with our views and opinions, but maybe we can inspire a few people with our thoughts. Thanks.

The St James Ethics and Wheeler Centre debate:

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